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10 Bucks Anywhere Flat Rate Delivery Shipping*

 Ten Bucks Anywhere U.S. Shipping**

It is simple. Order as much as you want. NO LIMIT!! We will ship it for just ten bucks in the continental United States.


We will ship it in 24 hours


You are scheduled to receive your order in 2-5 days depending on your location. One note, delivery time is not guaranteed. In the very very rare event (and it is rare) your order should arrive in an extra day do not yell at us. The service is so good we do not even want to say that but prudence says we should.


service is COAST to COAST (pay attention everyone on the west coast or on the Great Plains or in the Mountain States)

What about us in Alaska and Hawaii?
You got it made in the shade. You qualify too. Except your timing may take an extra day. -AND- the TEN Buck Freight applies to photo folders only. Everything else like keychains/snow globes/buttons etc. is regular UPS rates.

Sorry we cannot extend the Ten Buck Freight sale but we do our best to bring your order home at the lowest rate. Here is how to help us help you. When you know what you want to order please e-mail us ( list with your postal code. We will work our magic and give you an exact and most correct freight number. You can of course order it on line but sometimes the algorythms can distort.

We know the proper codes to bring duties down to the lowest possible for your order.

We will ship your order in 24 hours and most arrive in 2-5 days.

** this offer is subject to change without notice. Basically what that means for us is God forbid somebody finds some loophole in the offer that will cost of zillions of dollars to fulfill we can invoke this ace in our pocket.

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